Quinn and Fox, is a husband and wife team. We started this company with two children ( in October of 2013) who suffered from eczema and needed a better solution to clothing that wouldnt harm their skin. We needed a fast solution, that also wasnt leaving a heavy carbon footprint on their future and their environment. Now, with four kids at our feet, we strive to make this company every season thereafter. 

 Quinn and Fox was born in LA, and this is where it stays.
Every single item is handmade from thread to finish in Los Angeles, California. Quinn and Fox takes pride in finding the softest yarns, and the best dyes, to make the finished material; whats best for your best. Eco-friendly, and organic is just the beginning of what we are trying to do. Season after season, we have an amazing team of artists who bring our imagination to fruition. We highlight global artistry in almost every single piece. We are the epitome of globally inspired children's wear and are always sustainable and ecologically-friendly. We believe in building a brand's ethos that breeds creativity, artistry, collaboration, and excellence with nearly 99%
of all collections created using exclusive organic fabrics, and exclusive organic prints.
We are made in the USA, and strive to exceed your child’s expectations.

We are FOR kids, not BY kids.

By supporting Quinn and Fox, you are supporting local families in the Los Angeles Metro area, and providing safe working environments for all people involved in making your children's clothing. We believe in equality in the work space, as well as fair trade and fair labor. All involved, is paid fairly, treated fairly, and takes great pride in what they do.




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